Technology Projects


Datum uses component-based architecture and design patterns to develop a code library that is easy to develop and manage. The result is more efficient creation plus a robust system with zero defects.


Each application or software program is built to ensure integration with appropriate computing systems and applications. Datum uses its Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) processes and expertise to ensure success.


Datum employs its best practices, experience, and quality management system to deliver a streamlined approach to testing, which is repeatable, measurable and quality-focused.


Datum doesn’t disappear after the application is launched; the company is there for bug fixes, ongoing support and monitoring to ensure top performance.

Engineering Solutions

Hardware/Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Telecom Engineering & Environmental Engineering & Natural Sciences

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Technology Projects

Development, Integration, Testing & Maintenance

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Managed Solutions

Business Analysis, Project Management, Evaluating Requirements & Future Proofing.

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Our Service Offerings

In today’s industry, service-oriented organizations must always look to innovation to provide better solutions to their consumers while staying on top of cutting edge technology. Taking your requirements from design to production often proves to be challenging and costly without consultants that understand how to implement those key technologies that are the core to your business.

DWGS offers the services and solutions from one perspective, yours. As consultants we work to understand and translate your business requirements into a robust scalable enterprise solution that takes your organization to the next level in your corporate evolution.

DWGS provides services and solutions in the areas of Technology Projects and Managed Solutions.

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