President/CEO and Managing Partner of Defense Warriors Government Solutions & Timitron Corporation

Mr. Goodrich is the President/CEO and Managing partner of Defense Warriors Government Solutions and the President and CEO of Timitron Corporation, with offices in Portsmouth Virginia. A retired US Army Military Intelligence Officer, he is a vested entrepreneur, devoted husband and proud father.

Mr. Goodrich received a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Engineering. He holds an Executive MBA from Virginia Tech, Pamplin School of Business. He has over 25 years of Intelligence, Enterprise & Information Architecture, and Systems Engineering experience which extends across multiple vendors, hardware platforms, and operating systems (OS). He has worked for several Fortune 100 and 500 companies – to include Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin, and Harris Corporation.

Mr. Goodrich led highly successful efforts to design and build cross organizational teams which significantly increased collaboration, standardization, and information sharing across major Department of Defense organizations. As an Enterprise Architect Subject Matter Expert for Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), he developed pragmatic modeling and simulation (M&S) architectures and crafted advanced data strategies and technical architectures within Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) to modernize and streamline organizational processes for vastly improved efficiency and effectiveness.

In April 2011, due to Continuous Resolution Authority (CRA) and ensuing military program funding shortfalls, Mr. Goodrich set out to grow Timitron Corporation. Leveraging years of finely honed military/government, technical and business management experience and strong industry and government support partnerships, Timitron Corporation aims to satisfy increased demand for focused strategic business solutions through continuous process improvement, foresighted innovation and information systems integration.


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